Cat door opener project newbie

Don't forget, rats are clever.
If you chip your cat, the rats may well clone that chip.
Good luck.........

You won’t get a cat to wear a collar once it’s an adult .

You can train cats tho , mine would sit or do hi five on command - they have to want to do it !

this is not my cat. do you mean the chip thats mandatory? oh i am in australia so it is mandatory. lol they can clone a chip ok

yeah no she was wearing a collar as an adult and hadnt as a kitten. the owners son ....well lets face it its a long story. i wont be able to go down that road with a collar and never intended to

yeah no she is not going to be able to do this. i tried many techniques. she will open another neighbours door and not mine. i have changed the door and still a no. she comes into my place often and i am her fav neighbour tho. yes cats are very much in that vein. she is one entitled puss cat

OK so i have come up with another idea. i do have a cat cam that alerts me when the cat or a rat or even the other neighbour whom is a dog. i am thinking to just make this move with wifi and not worry about the sensor thing. i saw quite a few robot claws on aliexpress or just use the stronger servo i dont know. will explore more youtube videos

Please keep us updated.
Good luck with your project.............