Cat feeder by weight

I'm looking to build a cat feeder by weight, I already own a super feeder that can be activated with 9v - 24v ac or dc. What I'm looking to make is pretty simple.I want to have the arduino activate by a timer and dispense food till is reaches the desired weight. I know very little about arduino and coding, so any guidance would be great.

This is not simple project.

Unless you can hack your "super feeder", you will have quite a bit of trouble finding a food dispenser that can be accurately controlled by an Arduino and a suitable scale for the food dish, with Arduino compatible outputs.

Or just do some timed calibrations. 1 second on = so many ounces, 2 seconds = so many, etc.

dry weight can often be guessed by volume.
if you have ever seen a bubble gum machine that is empty, there are multiple small chambers that spin around. each holds an exact volume.

you can spin a wheel, each hole fills up and as you rotate it, the food will be dispensed. more turns, more food.

The super feeder is activated automatically when it's given power and shuts off either by internal timer you can set or when power is shut off. What I need is something to output 9-24v to the feeder and then when the scale reaches the right amount to just shut off the voltage feed. The problem with a timed feed is the super feeder is very inaccurate so you could get 1/4 cup in 5 seconds or 3/4 cup. Right now I have a timer that goes on and powers the unit which then dispenses a timed amount then shuts 5 min later.

People hack kitchen scales to work with Arduino - I'd look for information on that - since your project is just controlling a relay based on readings of a scale.

So if understand correctly, I need to get a load cell and a INA122 amplifier to connect to a arduino board and then it's just code?

Are you able to work with wood? A unit-measure feeder won't take so much to make.