Cat toy (R/C Servo/Arduino/RTC)

I have one of those 'rat-in-a-paper-bag' toys that you put on the ground and it rolls around, supposedly driving a cat crazy trying to figure it out.

Must be made for stupid cats, so...

I want to put together a toy of my own which makes a scratching sound at random intervals. I have a few servos and RTC's knocking about but only Arduino UNO boards which are way too big.

I was looking at the 5V mini NANO and was wondering how you load code onto it, there does not seem to be a USB connector on it.


The description says that the board connects to an FTDI breakout board. This uses an FTDI USB-to-serial converter to add a USB port to your Arduino. (Arduinos with an integral USB port would have this or an equivalent integrated onto the main board.)