Catalina and Create Agent (again)

Trying to install the latest Arduino Create Agent after downloading from the site ( on the latest Catalina. The installer just bounces in the dock and says it isn't responding. As an attempted workaround, I can right-click, Show Package Contents, navigate to Contents, MacOS, and open osx-x86_64, which does actually get the installer to "stick" in the dock as running, but it still doesn't actually open any windows, and continues to say it isn't responding.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (I have re-downloaded, rebooted, checked that there is nothing showing in System Preferences -> Security/Privacy, etc.)


Sorry for such a late reply but Catalina and now Big Sur caused a lot of issues and not just for Arduino users !

If you use the search option (upper right) you will find mentions of the many issues and some of the fixes.