Cathode RGB 12v bluethoot controller

I try to make a cathode rgb bluethoot controller for my led strip, but i can't find anything on internet.
Not even to buy one.
How can i make a 12v Cathode RGB controller with bluethoot. What type of controllers shuld i use and how to wire them?
Any help, pleae. Thank you.

Do you mean common-cathode LED strip (4 wire, R,G,B and ground?)

Can you provide a link to the particular LED strips involved please?

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I don't have it, because it's something from China. All i know îs that i have 4 wires R G B and a common ground to all, and i have 12v on The RGB wires, if i go lower then 12v the brithness decrese. I'm New to this world..

9 color led ambient Light, you can find it with this name

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