CB radio roger beep

Hello, i wanna make an roger beep to my cb radio, i have done code for light up diode red while transmit (TX) and green when its idle (RX), and after TX i wanna make 3 tones of beeps, or something like that: Motorola XT420 roger beep (PMR) - YouTube but every time my buzzer looping sound, i use a noTone(pin); but it didnt work.

Thank you.

This is the programming section - did you forget something?

Yes, programming section, so it does not concern the problem with the code? Sorry if not, im new here.

Welcome. Especially if you're new, read before posting. Here's a good place to start: Read this before posting a programming question ...

May I just quote from that link

  • Post your complete sketch (program code)! If you don’t you waste time while people ask you to do that.

Hello thefoxxie
Post your current sketch, well formated, with comments and in so called code tags "</>" and a schematic, not a Fritzy diagram, to see how we can help.
Have a nice day and enjoy coding in C++.

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