cc package does not exist

Hi guys.

I have the same problem as was posted here previously -

by the end of the thread it seems there may have been a solution and the problem is caused by a missing jar file. Can anyone tell me where this jar file can be obtained or any if there are any other solutions??


I've just downloaded the library, as shown in that thread, and the test sketch ran without problems.

Re: Processing error cc
Reply #1 - 07.10.2010 at 12:34:05
In the arduino library that I downloaded and loaded into the preferences libraries directory I have a subdirectories called 'examples', 'library' and 'src' but the 'library' directory is empty and I presume this is my problem.

No. The presence or absence of Arduino libraries has no impact on the Processing application.

The cc.arduino library is the firmata plugin for Processing. You need to download and install the Processing library.
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