CC1101 and Pro Micro Sending Serial Monitor error and not connecting over RF

Hey All

I’m totally stuck on this wireless USB project, and hopefully you could shed some light:

I’ve been having some issues with my 3v 16mhz Keyestudio Pro Micro’s and CC1101 transceivers, and haven’t been able to make them talk wirelessly.

I am running very simple test code with them, but whenever I upload the receiver code to them, the receiver runs 1000 spaces/second on the serial monitor even when the transmitter module is not connected. I have augmented the Elechouse library to work with the pro micro through ISP and will included the augmented library. Any help would be really great.

End goal is to make a simple long range wireless keyboard over 433 mHz, so I need to use a 32u4 chip, and like the cc1101 if I can ever get them to work >:(

I am running the Keyestudio as Arduino Genuino Micro, but have tried it as Sparkfun Pro Micro as well. It’ll work as a 5v 16mhz pro micro, is the problem maybe that the cc1101 needs to see 8khz?

These are my pin connections between the two:

CC1101 Arduino ProMicro

VCC VCC (3.3V)
GD02 A0 (18)
GD00 A1 (19)
CSN A10 (10)

#define SCK_PIN 15
#define MISO_PIN 14
#define MOSI_PIN 16
#define SS_PIN 10
#define GDO0 19
#define GDO2 18

Elechouse Link: GitHub - simonmonk/CC1101_arduino: A clone of the ELECHOUSE_CC1101 library updated for Arduino 1.0 plus.

CC1101_RECEIVER.ino (436 Bytes)

CC1101_TRANSMITTER.ino (266 Bytes)

CC1101_arduino-master (20.5 KB)