CC1101 radio module with SD Card

First, I'm sorry for my bad english.

I need help, when I compile my sketch, where I use the CC1101 radio module for transmission and the sd card for data saving, I get "exit status 1".

I've tested both seperate and they worked. Then I combined the both sketches and compiled them with error. I commented out the radio module and it compiled successful.


My comments are in german and the loop part is still "empty" and I wanted to keep it empty until I'm able to compile it.

Hope that anybody can help me. I'm pleased for any type of help.


Did you solved this problem?
Because i have the same problem and i have a resolution.
The problem is in MISO signal.
When is CC1101 inicialized, program is waiting when MISO is going from HIGH to LOW.
MISO is still HIGH and program is still waiting and do nothing.
It is a hw problem. When you can use CC1101, MISO from SD card must be in high-impedance state.
Good inspiration is here:
If you have module for SD card from China, thre is LVC125 bus buffer gate and conversion from 5V to 3V3.
OE pins are still connected to GND and MISO never go to high impedance state.
You have to connected OE signal to CS from SD. Then when is CS active (LOW) SD worked. When is CS inactive (HIGH), MISO signal is in high-impedance state and CC1101 will work.
Not all OE you need connect to CS, only OE for gate for MISO signal.