CC1101 set custom frequency


does anyone know if it's possible to set the frequency of CC1101 to a specific value? For my project I need a transmitting frequency of 433.42 MHz whereas the standard should be 433.92MHz.

The library can be found here
Google doesn't lead me to the right explanation, only that it is possible (also used in some FHEM projects in combination with Arduino Nano + CC1101

based on the datasheet you need to calculate and update registers FREQ0, FREQ1 and FREQ2.

did not go thru the library at your link so donno if possible to do it from there.

Alternatively you could just send via SPI

spi.transfer(0x0D); 'FREQ2
spi.transfer(0x0E); 'FREQ1
spi.transfer(0x0F); 'FREQ0

However I do not know if other registers need to be changed along with these registers.

I would suggest that you study its datasheet a bit

Any news to this topic @jktz90 ?

I have the same situation.

The library lets you set the frequency band but doesn't let you freely choose the frequency.

The band choices are:
858 (default)

The actual register values used are defined in the CC1101.h file.