CC1101 TX to RX

I apologize in advance if this post doesn't belong in this section, or if this post topic has already been covered, this is my first time posting...

I am using 2 CC1101 transceivers to send and receive messages, and the Elechouse library to interface them. Basic RX and TX work as long as either transceiver is set to one mode and doesn't switch. On the one that is set to RX, I was able to successfully switch to TX and back. But, when I try to switch from TX to RX on one of the transceivers, it simply does not receive anything.

From the library, I have tried using the Init() function (which resets the chip and sets pin I/O), which worked with doing RX to TX. This didn't work, so I tried using some strobe commands like SWOR and SIDLE to force the transceiver into RX mode. Is there something I am missing?

Thank you

Is there something I am missing?

Code. And a definition of what "to interface them" means.