cc2500 module with arduino

Hello, I,m working on wireless project with arduino for this I have cc2500 module which have four pins Vin, GND, TX and RX.
I've two of this kind of module connected to two arduino uno one is acting Transmitter and other as receiver codes are working fine but problem is I'm sending 1 and 0 with 1 sec delay through serial and receiving arduino is receiving the signal but not as 1 and 0 but as 48 and 49.
I can't understand the reason if someone can help.

48 and 49 are the numeric values of ascii characters '0' and '1' so it seems you are accidentally doing a number to string conversion somewhere along the way.

See for all the char values.

Thanks for solution :slight_smile:

I want code for cc2500.Is there any need to pair the two modules?