CC3000 breakout stuck at initializing stage

Hi guys,
I am quite new to using an Arduino and I have been trying to undertake the weather station tutorial on Ardafruit which uses a DHT22 and a CC3000 chip to send the data (I shall leave a link to the tutorial below).
I followed all the steps of the tutorial to a tee and have the DHT connected successfully, however when i try to run the WebClient sketch (part of the Ardafruit CC3000 library) it gets stuck at the initializing stage. It doesn't throw an exception (could not connect etc..) just freezes at that stage.
My cabling is the same as the cabling shown in the tutorial and the green led comes on to indicate a connection.
Has anyone encountered this problem with the CC3000 chip?

As I said I am new to this so all help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance