CC3000 is good product ?


We are developing home automation product using Arduino. So we used esp8266-01 mmodule with atmega328 with proper level shifted circuit. But ESP does not work fine also heating. some times working good and some times working not. (We done all the experiments firmware upload). no use the module is still heating.

So we decided to replace the wifi module.

My questions is...

CC3000 from TI is good ?. CC3000 adafurit breakout board is good ?. for local and internet home automation systems ?. easy to use config ,etc... reliable ?.

or which is the best module better than this ?...

If any wifi module is available please let me know ?...

You don't need an Arduino if you want to use the ESP8266.

Look for details on programming the ESP8266 with the Arduino IDE.

You could also look at the Wemos D1, Nodemcu or even a ESP32.

Don't use the CC3000. It's outdated.

Ok. but I need to dim the ac lights. with out processor how can I able to dim the lights ?

ATWINC1500 Atmel wifi module is good for home automation application ?.

thanks for the reply.


Just now We ordered ATWINC1500 adafurit wifi module. There is example how to connect with Arduino UNO board.(it is work good).

But we have Arduino NANO(own design). Is this working with same ?.

UNO have 328P-PU DIP.
NANO have 328P-AU TQFP.

Is this making any problem ?. while I using ATWINC1500 wifi with my nano based proto board ?.