CC3000 webserver

I am going to be doing a home automation project involving the adafruit CC3000 breakout board and a relay to turn on and off some home appliances. What I am wondering if I can make a webserver similar to the one used in this project Arduino Web Switch : Turn your kettle ON via Internet |, but instead of using a ethernet shield i am using the CC3000 breakout board. What I was thinking of doing was using the adafruit library for the CC3000 and then try modifying the webserver sketch that is provided for the ethernet shield so that I can host a webserver using the arduino uno. Is my idea feasible or are there better ways to do this using the CC3300? I do not want to make a php file to control the relay.

I found out that i can use the aREST library to tun on and off an LED just by using a browser, which is what I want, but im not too sure how to add the option to turn on and off two devices.

No difference between turning an LED on or off and energizing and de-energizing a relay. Either way, you're setting a pin HIGH or LOW.

Do make sure you are using a relay module, or that you have used an appropriate transistor and flyback diode to protect the Arduino pin from excessive current and from voltage spikes.

I know that. The problem I had was that I didnt understand the Adafruit library for the CC3000. I was not familiar with classes and still have trouble using them.

Check out the Adafruit tutorial written my Marco Schwartz using a CC3000 and the aREST library on an UNO. It shows how to control 2 digital outputs, call a function, etc. It includes an example web app that controls 2 LEDs Overview | A REST API for Arduino & the CC3000 WiFi Chip | Adafruit Learning System


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