CC3000 wifi breakout board + micro sd card breakout == CC3000 wifi shield ???


I’m doing a project to capture motion detection photos using adafruits VC0706 TTL Serial Camera, and save the photos to sd card. Then read photos saved on sd card and upload using FTP to web server via CC3000 wifi breakout.

When I bought the wifi breakout I didn’t know the wifi shield including a micro sd card, but now I need to use both wifi and sd card. The problem is: both the cc3000 breakout board and micro sd card breakout use SPI communication, they have pre-set arduino pins connection. the arduino pin 10-13 are for SPI communication. So I paralleled the pin 10-13 for wifi and micro sd card breakout boards. The circuit doesn’t work. Originally when I use only one breakout board for the SPI communication, both wifi and sd card worked. Now only sd card is working, the wifi board failed initialization.
Does anyone know where’s the problem? I don’t have the budget for a wifi shield, so I really need to work this out.
Or does anyone know how to change the sd card pins to other pins?


This is similar to the discussion here Is there a 'Software SPI'? - Networking, Protocols, and Devices - Arduino Forum .

What you need to do is use two Chip select PINs for wifi and SD card.

Alternatively you can try to use bitbanged SPI,But I have not tried it myself.


Hi RookieNo14
Did you solve your problem ? and what (if i may ask ) did you do

Thanks in advance