ccd camera motion detection

I'm new to all of this so I thought I'd ask around before getting started buying stuff. I am interested in creating a relay that will trigger using motion in front of a ccd camera. Gotta be small and inexpensive. I have looked thru some of the forums and searched but have yet to find if this is feasible. Please advise, thanks in advance


I'd look for a different platform. Unless the camera has a digital interface, the analogue converter on most Arduinos isn't fast enough for video, and there isn't much RAM for image storage either.

thanks..any ideas on where to look? Basically i want a underwater motion detector that will trigger a relay on motion (human hand) about 6 to ten inches away

Clear water or turbid? Optical motion detection in turbid water is really tricky

Thank you for your input on this. It will be in clear water..just if it can detect and switch with human hand within 6 inches. I have a ultra sound board that I'm going to try but even if it works it stays latched too long and that is not a discrete component I can change. Video would be great