CD4512BE and inputs


Could anyone show me a simple way to manipulate sounds with arduino and the 4512 chip?

The idéa was to take this chip, and also making a input and output channel for sound/jack-plug..


Thanks in advance, im allready a little lost on the searching area, couldn't find anything.


manipulate sounds

I would have thought this was better in the audio section rather than the LED section. How do you mean manipulate.

Oh, sorry for the misplacing of topic.

Hmm, i want to make some kind of pitch in start, and whatelse you can do with arduino uno boards and programming :)

I looked up that chip and it seems to be an 8 input multiplexer. I can't see how this can be used in any way to manipulate sound.

The arduino is quite limited when it comes to sound because of the lack of memory it has.

This link shows what can be done with signal processing:-


The idéa was to take a jack input, and then with some pot-meters/variabel-resistors on the multiplexer to the arduino, to fx. pitch or speed-up the sound.. Or whatever that can be done :)


Well you have 6 analogue inputs. If you use one for the digitising of the sound then that leaves you 5 pots you can connect without the need to multiplex anything.

If you want to see how to get more inputs then look at this project. The multiplexers I use there are much more suited than the ones you mentioned in the title.

to fx. pitch or speed-up the sound

As I said the memory is very short but a simple 256 byte buffer will allow you to do pitch up and down but the quality is not the greatest because of the fact you only have 10 bits resolution on the A/D.

I really like the CD4067BE multiplexers, as you get 16 inputs and its very easy to use.

Mike is right, that link will provide you some great details on how to process audio with the arduino.