CDJ 200 Led hack project


I would like to have some suggestions and ideas regarding a small hack.

In short:
On a Pioneer CDJ200 there are 5 leds that turn on while a CD is on the tray.
I want to make those led to turn on in a sequence while the CD is actually play (maybe catch the play button as trigger).

I guess is something quite simple to do with a single chip and some resistor or transistor for regulate the speed of the leds.

The leds connection are simple to access, is just one ribbon cable (picture of the diagram attached).

I don’t know which chip could be used, or some other electronic component.

Any suggestion is welcome!


You could probably use an Arduino for this. :slight_smile:


Can you tell if there are current limiting resistors on the LED board?

I don't think there are any resistors, but I need to check.

I thought to use arduino, the nano due the space inside the player body, but maybe a single controller could do the trick.

Looking on internet I have seen many LED chasers that run with a IC1555 and IC24017.

Doesn't look like it;

Tom... :slight_smile:

Great! I missed that scheme, is certainly the led board.

Any led is connected to a capacitor, a resistor and zender diode?
Isn't enough to use only a resistor?

The idea is to apply the hack between the main board and the led one, due the cable provide connection for each led.