CE certification of Arduino

How can I get documents about arduino's CE certification?
Now I try to release some product that using Arduino.
Without documents, I have to prove the product's safefy myself.
Please help me!

You always have to prove the product is safe / complies with the other CE requirements. You can not just use certification of your component parts.

CE is a self certification system anyway.

Documentation will be available from the manufacturer, contact them. You should note that the manufacturer is currently in dispute with the Aduino team and so certification is not the responsibility of the Arduino team any more.

here in the States, If I buy a relay, and a key switch and an indicator light and a buzzer and power supply and each has a UL label, I can take it to UL and they will put a UL label on it. I do not have to prove anything for each component, but only the whole. typically showing the documentation of each that shows the footprint or how close one thing is to another.
as long as those are met, the unit passes.

I can see why the OP is looking for documentation. of course, the only way to get the Arduino to be acceptable is to use the OEM one from the Arduino factory, with a CE label. each maker on the plane would have to get their own unit certified as what resistors and capacitors and what solder would all come into play.

I can take it to UL and they will put a UL label on it.

No way does that happen. Even if every single component is UL approved.

You take it to UL and hand over a lot of money. They then go through the design files looking for design flaws and they also test it.
Then they "give" you a number which you get printed on a label only by a UL approved label manufacturer.

They then inspect your factory to see it fits into all sorts of regulations, this inspection repeats every six months, each time they inspect you, you give them more money. If you want to change the colour of the product you have to go through the whole thing again. This process takes about a year.

Basically it is import control in disguise.

At least with CE you self certificate the product, no offense is committed until the unit is tested (by anyone) and found to fail, then they throw the book at you.

As stated by Grumpy_Mike, in the EU only the product manufacturer is authorized to file a compliance request.

In any case Arduino team has the right to make a declaration of conformity because they manufacture nothing.

The only ones who are allowed to do are (today) :

  • Arduino SRL
  • Adafruit
  • Seeedstudio

Arduino SRL
To obtains a pdf of conformity declarations (FCC, RoHS, EC ) go to www.arduino.org, choose a product.
Go to the page bottom and you can download the pdf(s).
Be careful each product have is own files .

To my knowledge Seeedstudio and Adafruit and have not yet made compliance request.
And only "Genuino" name will be authorized in EU and in "some other country" in the world.