CE marking and EMC directive compatibility


I have a question concerning CE marking and EMC directive compatibility. After reading bunches of directives and asking many questions to some institutes I am wondering what are your experiences with this.

So, I made simple difference regulator. Based on ATmega328, LCD module, bluetooth module for connection with smart phone, membrane foil switch for interfacing, custom made PCB and everything fitted into nice plastic box.

I got some interests so sell a few of this thing so I asked myself about certificates, directives and other documents needed, to sell that kind of device officially. I read that since I live inside EU area, CE marking should be enough. To be able to obtain this marking, device should comply with a few directives.

After checking some of the similar devices (which are already on the market) most of them obtained CE marking based on three directives:

-LVD: Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EU
-EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EU
-RoHS II Directive on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment 2011/65/EU

As first, my device is running on PV cell and/or external power adapter (which already have CE marking) but voltage never exceed 24V. LVD directive cover devices which are running from 75 to 1500V DC or 50 to 1000V AC. Does this mean that I don't need to comply with LCD directive at all?

Second, I know that for LVD and RoHS directive I don't need third person to test my device but what about EMC compatibility? Is in this case really necessary? If so, what are your experiences with this? Do you pay and test your devices for EMC (since you probably can't test this in home lab) or just write that is compatible with this directive and hope for the best?

I want to make things proper (or officially in this case) but I don't want to pay a few thousand € to make that kind of testings. Since this is not a massive production, costs of testings would be much higher than profit of whole this project.

I would appreciate every advice or experience concerning this.