Cell Phone Light Ringer

My Mother is unable to hear her cell phone ring when at home and when she does not have her hearing aids in.

The idea is to have a phone charger station and next to it, 'something' to know the phone is ringing or vibrating

Then have a few remote lights to blink when the phone rings. (kitchen, bath, living room, etc)

My thoughts are to use a simple RF to alert the remotes.

The 'something' to detect a cell phone ring is where I am asking for suggestions.

If you were to be able to control the mode of the phone, ring, vibrate, etc, and it was hard wired to a place, what would you us to sense the phone ringing ?

Interesting project. Have you asked at a cell phone store?

Does your mother have trouble finding the phone when it rings? My wife does and she doesn't have hearing problems. Can the phone be left in some type of cradle?


My thoughts are to make sure the phone has the non-contact charger. you just lay it on the pad.

put a pad next to the bed, in the kitchen and in the living room.

if it rings in the bedroom, then kitchen and living room pads would flash with say, a green light.
if it is the kitchen then with a red light, in the living room a blue light....

any other lights would also light with the color of the place that it was detected.

my thoughts are that she would leave it on the charging pad always.

so the detector would be the pad/cradle.

if your wife has a pad/cradle nearby, then this would help her too.

Could you set the phone to vibrate and put a piezo detector under each pad?