Cell signal level monitor

If you’re familiar with the Wilson cell booster you’ll know it can take hours tuning the outside directional antenna on the roof, moving it ever so slightly, waiting a minute for the signal to stabilize, and having someone else down in the house checking the signal strength. You can spend hours at it to find the best spot.
If you do this for a living, you can save hours with this idea I have:
The outdoor antenna usually mount of a mask, like a satellite dish does. If I make a box with a short mask on it, that’s mounted on a small stepper motor, so I can slowly turn the antenna a few degrees, wait a minute, then monitor the cell signal down in the house, record it, rinse and repeat. They’ll be a servo to adjust the angle of tilt the antenna is at, also.
So, I can do all this without any problems, except the part about measuring the cell signal level...
Normally you put your phone in “field test mode” by typing a code into your phone, which allows you to see the db level of your signal.
I need my arduino to get the signal, so it can record it along with the exact position of the antenna.
I see there’s some cellular shields. Do they give access to the cell signal levels? The BOB from Adafruit looks good, but it’s only 2G. Would it give me the signal level, and would it matter s only 2G?

It will get your antenna pointed at the 2G antennas. Usually they are on the same tower as the newer equipment but not always.

You are going to have to dig into the datasheets of each one to see if there is an AT command to get signal strength.