Celling LED Strip using sk6812 with mqtt support


i'm currently planing to put an about 15m long LED Strip arround the ceiling of my Living Room which uses the SK6812 RGBCW Strips. I have most of the Electrical Stuff already figured out in my Head, but i'm still fideling to find a Bridge between the ATMega/Uno and my RaspberryMatic Smart Home Server which would accept MQTT, Node Red or even simple http commands.

So what i'm looking for is a Lib that supports RGBW, different Segments (because 4 Walls), and a simple way to implant new Colors and Animations without getting the Mega/Uno out of his Box everytime. And of course it should utilize mqtt, Node Red or http.

I also already found some Libs but all of them are outdated and no longer in development. So anayone got an idea?

P.S: I wrote ATMega/Uno because i'm still not sure if i use the 30/m or 60/m Strip for the Project, i'm still waiting for the Lenses and see how it turns out with them.