cellular camera with sms voltage controls

Hello everyone,

I have just stumbled onto Arduino and do not know anything about coding or much about electronics. With that being said, I have read several forum posts and the knowledge of everyone is astonishing. In what is Greek to me, you guys speak fluently. I may also be out of my element (& League) but I will explain what my plan and goal is.

In Texas, we have an epidemic of feral hogs. They upset the natural habitat of the native species, destroy crops and farmland, and cause many serious vehicle wrecks. It is like hitting a 200LB boulder at 75MPH. You can imagine the result. Female swine can have 2 litters a year of up to 12 piglets each birthing. The female piglets reach sexual maturity in 3-4 months and then she can have up to 24 piglets a year. These feral hogs do not have a natural predator to keep their numbers in check and cause at least $52 million in agricultural damages each year.

Many people have started catching these pigs in live traps and then transporting them. The problem with these live traps is, sometimes deer or other animals are caught, you have to physically drive to the trap's location to check its status, and you may only catch one or two at a time.

I want to create a motion sensing camera that can take pictures at day/night and store to an sd card. I need it to send pictures to cell phone over a 3g/4g att network and a accept sms command to take a picture. I also need to trigger a 6v solenoid by sms command. It will be placed in the country so wifi would not work. It would also need to be somehow placed in a weatherproof case as it would be left out in the elements. I would power it by a 6v lantern battery and hooked up to a solar charger.

Pigs will enter the trap, the camera will snap photos of them and send to my cell phone, when all the pigs are in the trap, I will send a message trigger the solenoid, setting off the door mechanism and trapping them inside to be removed. This way I can catch a whole sounder (herd of pigs) rather than one or two. I will not have to check trap manually. I will not catch any unwanted animals.

There are already products like this on the market but I would like to create an inexpensive one. The cheaper the better. If I can feasibly put this together, I would like to replicate for a finished product.

Thank you for your time.

There may be problems with Arduino and pictures. I have been to Texas many times, and it is pretty big. How can you be sure of cell phone coverage where the trap is located?


I would base my cell signal off of my cell phones reception and set the trap according to best signal. And this may not work at all, like I said I do not have any previous knowledge of arduino or its capabilities.

I've never got around to trying this but it may be of some use.