Cellular Shield with SM5100B and code projekt

Hey you all Arduino fans I am a newbee to this and hope to grow old with the system ;-) I have a arduino uno board and a Cellular sheild SM5100B, and my projekt is to read out temperature1(in) and temperatur2 (out) receive this data via sms if it is to high or to low or on a sms request.

Furthermore on / off a few relays by sms and get status on those aswell.

Do any of you know how to do this? or have any idea to am I very pleased to get som help!

Best regards Tom "Crux" top@plum.dk

Hej Crux

What sensor are you using in the setup? Is the 2 setpoints fix values?


Below is a code snippet for my system. Reads temperatures using a DS1621. Stores high and low temperatures. A RTC clock alarms once per day (on digital pin 2) and fires up a Telit GSM modem and SMSes out the high and low temperature, resets the RTC alarm, and then shuts down the GSM modem. You could easily test for high and low temps and turn on relays, etc...

  if (!digitalRead(2))
        digitalWrite(13, HIGH);   // sets the LED on
        digitalWrite(4, HIGH); //pulse turn-on for GSM modem
        delay(2000); //must be held high minimum of 1 second per Telit spec; we'll do 2
        digitalWrite(4, LOW);
        digitalWrite(13, LOW); //set LED off
        delay(20000); // allow GSM modem to get on the air
        Serial.println("AT+CMGS=cell phone number here,129");
        Serial.print("High Temp = "); Serial.print(hightemp, DEC);
        Serial.print(" Low Temp = "); Serial.print(lowtemp, DEC);
        Serial.print("AT#SHDN"); // shutdown GSM modem
        hightemp = 0;
        lowtemp = 100;

I have not written code yet to read and parse an in-coming SMS message to take action. In GSM text mode, that should not be too hard.