Cellular WIFI access point

Is it possible to use a GSM shield to receive cell data and than re-broadcast it using a WIFI shield? I want to build my own wifi access point that uses cell data.


That means you want to build wifi access point from scratch. Right?

I think that it's possible if you do with some Linux dev boards and GSM devices. But for Arduino world with MCU and GSM shields, it seems to be impossible because of their restraint resources.

Yes, exactly. DIY access point. So you're saying that the Arduino doesn't have the available resources to do it? I know there are GSM and WIFI boards but I would need the network data to flow from the GSM board to the WIFI board for broadcasting. If the Arduino can't do it, than maybe a Raspberry PI?

Why would you, when proper WiFi access points can be purchased from your local cellphone provider for $10 or so? You have to put a SIM card into it anyway.

Most Arduino GSM units are going to be strictly 2G. That is slower than a very slow thing for internet. A 4G access point is obviously better.

If its just an intellectual exercise...you could use an esp8266 and a fona 3g/le910.

Itll be quite pricey and limited in capability though....