Central Florida (Orlando) Arduino Users

If you are in Central Florida (Orlando), check out Orlando's Hackerspace - FamiLAB - www.familab.org

We do regular projects and competitions (like http://sensingplatform.org) using Arduino and will have our "Intro to Arduino" classes starting in August 2011.

If you want to discuss Arduino, work on a group project, or have an Arduino group meet, just use the contact form at www.familab.org/blog/contact

Hope to see you at the LAB, Ian

FamiLAB, Orlando's Community Lab or "Hackerspace" is offering an "Intro to Arduino" class on August 27th. Information can be found here: http://familab.org/blog/public-classes-events/

This class is for beginners, and we will (optionally) provide hardware for those looking to get started.

If you are in Orlando and already know the Arduino platform, we are looking for additional teachers / mentors for the class...send me a PM, or email us: classes at familab.org

If you want to learn more about FamiLAB, check us out at www.familab.org or come visit the lab - we have a monthly open house, and we are also happy to coordinate a personal visit.