Central heating monitoring system

I have built a central heating monitor system which is based on the arduino and it's boot loader. It's made up of a network with 1-wire ds18s20 which measures temperatures on a wood furnace and it's heat storage tanks. Connected to it is a display unit with a dogl LCD display. I'm quite proud of the display which has menus for setup and preferences and also makes a limited logging. Future plans are to make a logger unit in the 1-wire network with sd card and wifi. Some images and better description here: Serious Tinker: Central heating monitor display unit.

That's a very neat look. Some time ago I did something with an LCD and tact switches, and bought super-long ones that extended through the holes. Countersinking them as you have would have been far neater!

Thanks for sharing, Geoff

Nice work! It looks like you do very clean work! Can you tell us where you got the box! Did you have to cut out the area for the display?

Hi, Very nice work!

I am very interested in what you have done. I am in Vermont USA and heating a log cabin with wood. I want to monitor the wood stove and other heat variables.

Will you share the code?? I'm sure I will learn things from it.

About Sound: Sound is a good monitoring media: it goes around corners, works in the dark and when your eyes are shut. In 2 or 3 systems I have built I used either voice synthesis or tone output. Tone output works well for 2 to 8 parameters if you use morse code. You will quickly get used to:
H for HIGH dit-dit-dit-dit
which is lot different than
L for LOW dit-dah-dit-dit
and maybe
A A A A (alarm) dit-dah, dit-dah, dit-dah, dit-dah,

and so on.

Actually I really like Morse for control also. Lying in bed in the dark I can find the single button. "T" asks for the outdoor temperature to be spoken. "O" turns on the outdoor lights. (This is a PC based system but I am working on replacing it with a Mega2560. Just need a good Text-To-Speech unit.)

Also It Would BE Nice to control the air draft to the stove. Load a lot of new logs, hit a button and have maximum air for 15 minutes to get it burning well, then turn down as needed for heat output (calculated for the next few hours).. Maybe :slight_smile:

Keep us up to date on how this is going.

And put a pointer to this post over in Home Automation firum!

Thank you! I will update on the progress.

The box I got here: Slät låda 144x82x30 (L x B x H) ABS [ce660] - 35.00:- : Swech Trading. I had to cut out the display myself and if you look closely you can see it is not perfect edges. But it's homemade so it doesn't have to be perfect :).

I really like the idea of morse code. I will defenetly look into that. The furnace already have lambda sensor controlled air intakes. Otherwise I would probably have done some tinkering there as well:). What I have been thinking about is to add a function to lower indoor temperature at night. The control system I have for that does not have that function.

I will look into putting the code online somewhere.

Thank you for the feedback.

I will look into putting the code online somewhere.

If you want to email it to me I can put it on the http://ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI and you can link to it here..


Tank you very much for the offer. But I have been thinking for a while to put the project on google code so I did that. Here is the project and browsable code: Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.

I hope it will be of use.

Nicely done.