Central locking + Boot release remote control + Arduino

P.S. Completly new to arduino, tried looking this up in the forum, no thread that clearly explains the process.

The process I see the system working is:

Press a button on Aftermarket Keyfob -> Arduino senses the signal -> Arduino fires a signal to the central locking control box -> signal fires to the door actuators -> Door unlocks/locks

My question is, what do I have to do to get this system working? - What do pins do I find? (12V pin that turns off and on when I lock and unlock the door) - How do I get any aftermarket keyfob working with an arduino - What parts do I need? (transistors, Voltage regulators and stuff like that)

Any help is much appreciated!

The first think to find is how to trigger the central locking system. Once you know that, you can do without the Arduinino as it is probably a ground or voltage feed that can be done directly via the fob.

When you have found out how to trigger the central locking, let us know.


Press a button on Aftermarket Keyfob
My question is, what do I have to do to get this system working?

Quite a lot, I suspect.

I believe there are two types of aftermarket controls.

The first is programmable by and for an existing system. The second comes ready-programmed and included with a receiver kit for retrofitting. In both cases, an Arduino is redundant. I imagine it would be difficult and expensive to analyse what is going on between the fob and car and I doubt the manufacturers will be too forthcoming. They have better things to do and probably think your motives are suspect.

If you really want to make your own receiver, you are almost certainly better making your own transmitter. I doubt you really need an Arduino to open a car, but does offer opprtunities that would better justify a home-brewed controller. A better prospect for the controller might be your phone.

Central locking systems often have a lock all switch for the driver. You may be able to connect into that point as it is a normal switch.

Bare in mind that your cheap fob will drastically reduce the security of your vehicle. This may not impress your insurance company in the event of theft.