Central Vermont hobbyists

I'm looking to form an arduino/electronic hobbyist users group in the Central Vermont area. I'm in the Northfield/Roxbury area. If you're interested message me here, leave a message at the Roxbury Free Library (for Don B-W) or at egzra@yahoo.com with the subject Users group. Hope to read from you!

Don B-W

I am in St johnsbury Vermont and looking to find others around to study with. I am using Aquino's in sustainable farming in retirement. In particular I am working with xbee's and measuring / transferring temp. (outside, inside, soil), soil properties, moisture, and light.



AN old post for sure... have either of you made any progress?

Don - There are active Arduino folks all over the state, and I know that the state librarians have done some sort of program around providing resources through our libraries. Not sure where that stands currently, though. You can contact Jenn Karson through Vermont Makers (burlington area maker group) vermontmakers.org.

Al - I've been doing environmental monitoring with various microcontrollers, using XBees as the RF communication component. I can provide pointers if you still need them.