Centralised storage of fingerprint templates

The fingerprint scanner and the arduino board used is subject to change so feel free to suggest / talk about a specific model if a solution is not general.

Generally, the scanner "enrolls" a fingerprint and stores a template which contains its characteristics, later an unknown fingerprint is taken in and compared with the templates stored in its internal storage.

So my question is, is there a way to retrieve the template onto the arduino board and send it to a central database (through means of wifi)?
This central database circulates it to multiple other arduino boards(connected again, by wifi) which essentially pastes these templates onto its respective fingerprint scanner's memory.
So its like having multiple points of checking with a centralised enrolling unit.
Thanks for reading, any and all help appreciated

Use an RPi+USB Scanner.

Thanks for the reply,
Can u please expand on that?
The fingerprint scanner used is USB scanner? Is transfering templates relatively easy in this case?

As soon as it's on the Pi you can transfer it anywhere you like.

Just be very aware of security - finger prints are highly sensitive data, should be treated with at least as much care as credit card data.

Yes. And not to forget: Your users will hate it and whoever wants to get in can with ease. Choose your illusion of security.

If its on the Pi u can transfer it anywhere u like,
This includes transferring it into the internal storage of the fingerprint scanner? If yes, how would u do it

This includes transferring it into the internal storage of the fingerprint scanner? If yes, how would u do it

Through the methods described in the data sheet of the finger print scanner in question (assuming it has the option to begin with, and it does the matching on board).

The Adafruit fingerprint reader library has almost all the features you need. You can enroll a fingerprint by taking two pictures and merging them into a 'model', then write that model to FLASH. You can upload a model from FLASH. The only part missing seems to be a way to download a model into FLASH. It is possible that the hardware can do it but they just didn't implement it in the library. You should probably check the datasheet for the device.