Centrifuge machine - Motor + driver

Hi all.
I'm doing a project for the school, I want to make a centrifuge machine, the problem is that there is a huge variety of engines and controllers in the market. I need to reach about 900-1200RPM. What engine and dirver do you recommend?
Any suggestions will be appreciated,

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Impossible to even attempt a guess without knowing at least the size and fully loaded weight of your "centrifuge machine".


I’d go for a 10kW electic motor.

Measure or calculate the torque required to accelerate the load to speed and maintain the speed. Choose a motor in accordance with the required torque and RPM. Determine the stall current of the motor (from the motor data sheet). Choose a driver that can handle the motor stall current. For a centrifuge, the motor only needs to rotate in one direction so a logic level MOSFET (with flydack diode) would be a simple driver.

I'd go for a 10kW electic motor.

Running 210 or 220 volts? Haha.

Amazing the questions a vague project leads too. For all we know your going to spin a washer drum at 1200rpm since you didn’t explicitly state exactly what is going to spin.

Not so silly. You will need a drum and decent bearings that will take an eccentric load. I’d suggest you cannibalise a washing machine with a spin setting. Finding a motor that will spin fast to make a small centrifuge useful you could think about a vacuum cleaner motor.