Ceremic Crystal Guidence and specification

Hi all

Please find the attached image. I want to know the exact name of the crystal (part no) so as to find correct component while designing my PCB.

Please share vital info about the use of these Crystal over quartz crystal which we use usually.


ps- Please ignore of you find query too silly.


As I see it's a metal can. Do better!

I doubt its possible for the forum to give an 'exact name of the crystal (part no)' for the part shown, thats probably only known to whoever made that particular bord or supplied the parts.

Perhaps give the forum a clue as to why you are asking the question ?

NO! I won't ignore the question. Actually I am laughing out loud!

You can give it any name you wish.

If you are really interested in the possible value of the crystal, read the value on the parallel capacitor. Look at the data sheet for the IC it is connected to. Then use the recommended crystal from the data sheet to search a distributor's on-line catalog for a matching crystal.


It looks like it is from this:


Maybe you are lucky and there is a Bill of Materials in the zip file referenced in that link.

The Uno is open source hardware; you can find all schematics and the exact part numbers that are used on the Arduino web site.

The image appears to be an Arduino original board; clone boards may use different parts as of course there are many equivalents out there.