Cfc sensor TGS-3830

Helow mazter, somebady know code sensor tgs-3830 and how combination the tgs 3830 code with sensor Mq-135 in one sketch Arduino and this is my code mq-135

MQ -135

int adcPin =0; float rs,ppm; float v; float Co2; void setup () { Serial.begin (9600);

} void loop () { Co2 = analogRead(adcPin); Co2 = Co2*(5.00/1024); rs =(100-(20.00*v))/v;

Serial.println(Co2); delay (200); }

please u'r enlightenment Master ;)

Do you have link to the datasheet of the tgs-3830?

like they asked here - -

yes i have, but nothing code for Arduino