CH340 drivers crash my mac

I am using the CH340 drivers downloaded from here:

It works with the cheap nano clones - the port is detected by the Arduino IDE and I can communicate with the Arduino, but inevitably my Mac's screen will turn white and a message saying that my computer has restarted will appear. Sometimes the restart happens right when I plug in the device, and other times it happens only after I use it a while. It happens with both the Nanos and the Uno clones and it also happens with the Nano/Uno "out of circuit" - i.e. nothing attached to it.

I'm running OS X 10.10.3 on a Mid2010 MBP w/ 16 GB RAM.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, I had the cheap Nanos with CH340G sometimes restarting my Mac when I plugged them in, or when I unplugged them. It seemed to be random and did not always happen. There is almost no mention of those problems on the web, so I decided it was a rare fluke and I would probably get nowhere researching it to death. So, I just stopped using them on that computer. 10.10.1 on late 2009 Macbook. I have been using Bluetooth to program more and more, because I am not terribly interested in wearing out the USB ports on my computers, and because wireless is so fun. Pro Mini and Pro Micro are best for using with Bluetooth, but boards with built-in USB-to-serial can also be programmed with Bluetooth. I have an old laptop running Linux that I don't mind using with cables.