Change a value from json

Hey guys.

I have a question / problem.

I have a string in json format:

{"1000":{"name":"phil", "number":10}, "1001":{"name":"otto", "number":15}}

I would like to change a value for a given field and save that string again, with the field changed:

{"1000":{"name":"phil", "number":12}, "1001":{"name":"otto", "number":15}}

How can I do this?

I have used this site to write and check json :slight_smile:

Put your json in Text and look result in Viewer.

RV mineirin

Thanks, @ruilviana !

But I would like to know how I can change the value of a single field in that json and "update" it again in a string to use it again.

Hi @filipekerplunk .
Analyze your question well!
You ask how to make a change to a string.
But it doesn't say:
Which program is used;
What type of computer or controller or smart phone, etc ... are you using;
It does not say which programming language you are using.
And you want a smart answer?

I suggest you read this topic and redo your question.

RV mineirin

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