change adresse i2c hyt 221

hello all, I have a sensor that is 221 hyt default address 0x28 and I can not change the address of a sensor to put two on my protoboard =( thank you in advance :wink:


That just reads from the sensor at addr 28. How does that help the OP?

Since the Data sheet talked about an "alternative address" I kept poking for a while.
The app note gives the way to do it:[]ROEGER.pdf/$FILE/AHM_E2.0[]ROEGER.pdf

Sometimes I wish the OP's would put some effort into this.

I can not change the i2c address of the hyt 221 and i think any program that would help me to do so . Because i want to connect my hyt221 on my arduino =(

Why not use the default addres ?
If it is conflicting.. set up a software I2C to use other pins..

It looks like the link was munged up, but there is an app note on the ist web site that tells you how to change the address. You can write an arduino sketch to do this.