Change Bank of channels

Hi everyone, I want to shift eight channels up/down for all faders when pressed INC(9-16)/DEC(1-8) buttons. Thank you.

Welcome susathoi, you have an interesting question which is very difficult to answer correctly. It appears you are talking about an audio mixer, not a microcontroller which this forum is about. If you post again or if I am wrong let us know what the parts are, and include links to each of the hardware devices technical information.

Do you mean something like this? Control Surface: Bank.ino

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@PieterP : thanks for reply, I am done.
Now, I want to make SEQ Transport (Rec/Stop/Play…) compatible Mackie Control use Control Surface library, pls help me. I am newbie. Thanks.

Use a NoteButton with MCU::RECORD as the address. See Control Surface: MCU Namespace Reference for a full overview of constants like stop and play.

Great, I am done.

NoteButton rec {0, {MCU::RECORD}};
…play, stop…
To be continue, I want to make channel volume (faders). Pls help me, thank you.

Must be some kind of secretly coded words.

Use the PBPotentiometer class with Control Surface: MCU Pitch Bend controls.

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Hi, I want to expand 8 to 16 volume faders on MCU mode use the PBPotentiometer, ok?

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