Change Baudrate Data bits Parity Stop bits

Hi to all! :) im cristian, from italy. my first post here.

i have a lot of question on how change the Baudrate Data bits Parity Stop bits on HARDWARE serial. i buy an arduino mega adk, with -> atmega 2560, and i need to change the Parity Stop bits and the Data bits (Serial1 pin 19-18) to communicate with a fingerprint reader.

so, the questions is: how to?

i read the old forum, and something here... but.. I have not figured out how to do. perhaps a general way may be useful to all.

thanks for the help :) :)

ps: if can, will be great avoid the use of SoftwareSerial

The ATmega UART hardware certainly supports it. See section 22 of the '2560 data sheet: Supports Serial Frames with 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 Data Bits and 1 or 2 Stop Bits Odd or Even Parity Generation and Parity Check Supported by Hardware

There's some example C code in the data sheet as well.

thanks a lot :)