Change clock frecuency (bootloader)

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I have one Arduino Duemilanove board that works fine. This board has an ATMEGA328 that works at 16MHz and 5V. I want to design a new board based on Arduino philosophy that will works at 3.3V. For this operation voltage I must to down clock frecuency. I want that this new board has a bootloader like Arduino Duemilanove so I will can program directly from Arduino IDE. Since original Arduino Duemilanove boards has a 16MHz I can not use the same bootloader for my board. My question is how can I compile a bootloader with a different clock frecuency? If I change clock frecuency in bootloader source code and then I compile it, does it works?

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arlukas: My question is how can I compile a bootloader with a different clock frecuency?

Instead of compiling the bootloader you may be able to use an existing one...

ATmegaBOOT_168_atmega328_pro_8MHz.hex ATmegaBOOT_168_pro_8MHz.hex LilyPadBOOT_168.hex

Select the Arduino that most closely matches your board and use its bootloader.

Or, westfw may be willing to give you a copy of an 8 MHz version of Optiboot for your board.

Dear Coding Badly,

Thanks for your reply and advice. Few hours ago I finded something similar. The idea to compile a new bootloader with different clock frecuency is that I only have 4MHz clock. If I donĀ“t obtain the way to compile a specific bootloader I will try to adquire 8MHz clock. Thanks anyway.

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You don't need to get a 8mhz clock. It's internal to the chip.