Change direction of Steppermotor


I have a general question to you all regarding stepper motors and I´m a complete newbie in this field!

I want that when my stepper motor is loaded with a specific torque resistance (lets say 1 Nm) it should immediately start turning in the other direction.

How can I accomplish this? Wich electronic components are needed for this project?

Thank you in advance for your replies!

Buy a torque sensor.

How are you measuring that the torque resistance limit has been met?

Electrically, I would think you would be monitoring the current draw on the 2 coils. If they meet the limit, then change direction.

Hard to specify components without knowing more. Stepper motor model, stepper motor driver, power supply voltage/current.

Unfortunately the current draw of a stepper motor does not change much, or in a simple way when the load torque changes. For example, it is difficult to detect when the motor is stalled.

As suggested in reply #1, use a torque meter, or use a brushed DC motor instead.