Change Font with Adafruit on PCD8544-Nokia 5110 LCD ??

How I can change Font with Adafruit on PCD8544-Nokia 5110 LCD ??

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Yes, most Adafruit libraries inherit from Adafruit_GFX.
This means that you can use FreeFonts as well as the basic 5x7 font.

Update your Adafruit_PCD8544 and Adafruit_GFX via IDE Library Manager.

Then try the packaged FreeFonts. Or import a foreign font into FreeFont format via an online website.


unfortunately I was not able to change the font, does anyone know a little more precisely if it is possible to change the font in each row a different font ...??

I solved the problem

#include <Fonts/FreeSerifBold12pt7b.h>


display.setFont(); //default font

You can edit the library.
You can dispense with the library and make your own font.
You can modify the standard font with glyphs