Change mode with button not working properly, can't see why

Hi, I'm controlling a relay, and opto, and an LED with a short press/long press button and I can't seem to figure out why it's not working as I want it to.
Short press toggles the relay and indicator LED as it should, and the long press toggles the opto as it should but long press also turns off the indicator LED. Since the LED is doing exactly what the relay is doing I just can't work out why the LED is turning off but not the relay. What am I doing wrong here?
Eventually I would like the indicator LED to blink a few times to indicate the opto being toggled but first things first...any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I'm doing this with a ATtiny85 by the way.

#include <ezButton.h>
const int buttonPin = 3; //2
int relayPin = 0;// 5
int optoPin = 1; //6
int ledPin = 2; // 7

const int SHORT_PRESS_TIME = 1000; // 1700 milliseconds
const int LONG_PRESS_TIME  = 2500; // 2500 milliseconds

ezButton button(buttonPin);  // create ezButton object that attach to pin 7;

int ledState ;
int optoState = LOW;
int relayState = LOW;
unsigned long pressedTime  = 0;
unsigned long releasedTime = 0;
bool isPressing = false;
bool isLongDetected = false;

void setup() {
  pinMode (ledPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (buttonPin, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode (relayPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (optoPin, OUTPUT);
  button.setDebounceTime(30); // set debounce time to 30 milliseconds
  digitalWrite (relayPin, relayState);
  digitalWrite (optoPin, optoState);
  digitalWrite (ledPin, ledState);


void loop() {
  button.loop(); // MUST call the loop() function first

  if (button.isPressed()) {

    pressedTime = millis();
    isPressing = true;
    isLongDetected = false;


  if (button.isReleased()) {
    isPressing = false;
    releasedTime = millis();

    long pressDuration = releasedTime - pressedTime;

    if ( pressDuration < SHORT_PRESS_TIME ) {

      relayState = !relayState;
      digitalWrite(relayPin, relayState);

      ledState = ! ledState;
      digitalWrite (ledPin, ledState);


  if (isPressing == true && isLongDetected == false) {

    long pressDuration = millis() - pressedTime;

    if ( pressDuration > LONG_PRESS_TIME ) {

      optoState = ! optoState;
      digitalWrite (optoPin, optoState);

      isLongDetected = true;


i exercised the code you posted simulating the ezButton and using pins on my hardware and it appears to work as you intended.

pressing and holding the button down causes the opto output pin to toggle after a delay ( 2.5 sec). briefly pressing the button causes the relay and led pins to toggle.

aren't pins 0/1 the serial rx/tx pins? try different pins

Yeah the short press toggle and long press toggle do work but the long press causes the LED indicator light to turn off. I can't for the life of me figure out why


On the Arduino yes but I'm using an ATtiny85

Perhaps when you toggle the opto there is something dragging down the power, and the code is resetting and the led is going off with the reset, not the program logic.

I'm testing just using LEDs for the relay and opto pin so couldn't be that I guess.

so the board is power by a battery and there is no programmer connected to it?

I see what you mean, good point, I'll check that tomorrow morning

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