Change name GENUINO 101-CE12


I am currenlty working on a BLE app for IOS using cordova.

In order tot troubleshoot&validate my command i used ios app called Lightblue Explorer that permits to check scan,read,write ble command.

When i perform a scan the device name that appear in my app ANd in lightblue one is : GENUINO 101-CE12.

Is it possible to modify it ?

From my search is think it s the Device name hard coded in Bluetooh module of arduino but unable to understadnc leary if by AT command or specific script i can modify it .


Hi @jmeynier,

You can change the default name via the following:


LightBlue on iOS shows the device name,

Thanks i was using blePeripheral.setLocalName("name") and not blePeripheral.setDeviceName("name")

Now it s working (sometimes things are simpler than expected)