Change path for .jssc\windows\jSSC-2.8_x86.dll

Hello all,

OS: Windows 10 IDE: Arduino 1.9.8

I am assisting setup for an Arduino on a new system for a user with extremely limited permissions on that system. Upon activation of the Serial Monitor we receive the following error message:

"java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: ....jssc\windows\jSSC-2.8_x86.dll: Access is denied"

The code is a simple test code I use that prints the current value of millis() to the Serial Monitor every 1000 ms.

Would it be possible to point Arduino to look for this file in another location where the user has permissions?

Thanks in advance,


In Arduino IDE 1.8.7-1.8.9, there was a regression that caused JSSC to be installed to C:\Users{user name}.jssc:

I believe that the limited permissions are preventing that installation from happening, thus the error. Luckily, this has since been fixed. There are two options:
Use Arduino IDE 1.8.6, which you can download here:
It’s kind of a shame to have to go back to using an old IDE version, since there has been a good deal of development done on the Arduino IDE since then. The alternative is to use the hourly build of the Arduino IDE:

The hourly build has the fix for the JSSC installation regression. The hourly build is primarily intended for beta testing and so there is a chance you might run into some bugs. I always use the hourly build and it seems to be working quite well right now.


Thank you for the information! I will try this soon and update.

Regards, Sylvyr