change running code by pushing button

Hello guys, I have a problem about switching progs.
I have two inputs one music from any source and second hall linear sensor, both are working great separately, music flows leds are glowing magnetic filed changing leds are changing color, but... I need those two codes in one Arduino if button is High I need to drive leds with music if button is low I need drive leds with hall sensor.
my codes are working if/else if/else and I when I have added button if and else code isn't running so any advise? give me just logic I don't want full code.

give me just logic I don’t want full code.

The logic is reading the button input and then deciding which function to run.

Try to implement that. If you fail, post the complete code you tried and explain what output you get as well as what output you expect. And don’t forget to use code tags (that’s the </> button in the editor)!