Change ssid on esp8266

I’m using a Wemos D1 Mini Pro (esp8266) and my project is a Ticker to see the value of Burstcoin. It gets information from a trading site in Json and then displays it on a 20x4 lcd. the original project was using an Arduino Mega 2560 and pushing data via serial using a python script. I have since moved it over to an esp8266 board. I got it working and all but the problem is that if I want to give it to a friend or even sell some to the community that I’m with how would I go about having them input their own SSID.

Is there a way to have the board act as an AP with my “Ticker” code on it and allow them to connect to it and change it ?

Or have them input the information using a few buttons and the LCD screen and i guess have it flashed to the eeprom?

I would prefer the first solution if possible.

Any help would be grateful

EDIT: I think i found a solution: