change the name of arduino nano shown in the "Devices and printers"

Dear all,
I am programming an arduino nano and I would like to change the name of ARDUINO NANO shown in the “Device and Printers” on w7.
I would like please to know how can I change the name of that device shown in “Device and Printers” on w7? I would like to change this name to a specific name, like “Thermo” name.

I have searched on the “.inf” file, but there is no entry to nano device to change the name.

I would like to change the name of NANO in the hardware, means in the boot, but I do not know how can I do this task.
I looked all over this forum but I do not find a solution.
I will be very grateful to find a solution to how to change the name of the Arduino Nano in the “Device and printers” in in hte boot of the arduino.
Thank you for your help.


I believe nano's a atmega328p with ftdi usb ttl chip.

there's no way you can change its name.

try one with atmega16u2 as usb ttl chip:

or just get an micro or leonardo:

Yes, it is Amega328P. Could you please to let me know whay I can not change its name? Is there something of specific to nano board that does not allow me to change that name? I think that for uno board (Amega328), it is possible to do it by modifying the ".ing" file. Thank you for your precious answer. Cheers,

Could you please to let me know whay I can not change its name?

Because it is fixed in the USB / serial interface chip that the nano uses.

But why do you want to change it, are you trying to pretend it is something it isn't.

The reason is that I want to give significatif name to the device, like "thermo", "Temperature", other than giving the board name . A specific user does not give importance to the name of board used,..but it gives more importance to the board task. A future user does not even know that it is an uno or nano board which is used. He only knows its functionality and that is the important for him. It is why I want to change the name. Unfortunately, I cannot change that name. Is there a possibility of changing the driver and print in the driver a specific name? Thank you for yours answer.

Is there a possibility of changing the driver and print in the driver a specific name?

No, the name is not in the driver it is in the device itself. The USB protocol reads it.

Is it possible to modify the bootloader of Amega328P(.hex)? and bootload the board with the modified Amega328P (written the wanted new name). so that I can modify the name "ARDUINO NANO" already written in the usb hardware.

Thank you for your anwser. Cheers,

You need to modify the contents of the EEPROM on the FTDI chip to set the name. Google "FTDI Utilities", grab the "FT_Prog" utility and install it.

It should be readily apparent how to change the device name; plug in the Nano via USB, hit the magnifying glass icon in the FT_Prog utility to scan for device, find an edit the name in the "device tree" (it's under "USB String Descriptors"), then hit the lightning bolt icon to write it back.

The only problem I found is that you have to reboot Windows so it throws away the old name -- it caches it apparently.

Thank you for your answer and for the solution. Ft_prog works for nano device! The FT_prog can modify the name of nano. To make the name effectively changed, you do not need to reboot the computer, replug-in the nano, and it works fine, or juste call the CYCL 0 command whithin the terminal of FT_prog, and it works fine too for the nano device. However, the uno device is not detected by the scan command of FT_prog in order to change its name. I am wandering why the uno device is not detected by the Ft_prog? so that I can change its name.

Thank you so much for all, Cheers,

The Uno doesn’t have an FTDI chip for the USB<->serial translation but uses an ATMega8U2 (or 16U2) instead. To change the firmware there, see:

The USB name is in the firmware source so you’d need to adjust it, compile it, upload it. Certainly not as easily changed as with the FTDI chip.

Thank you so much for these informations. I did not try to change the name of uno, but I foud the file ".c" to compile and upload to the chip. The file is located in: "arduino-1.0.5-r2\hardware\arduino\firmwares\atmegaxxu2\arduino-usbserial\Descriptors.c" It is the file to modify to have the name modified in the hardware.

For the drivers of usb nano, I think that the drivers of FTDI are sufficient to install? or I need to install only the drivers included in the arduion nano folders, when it is intsalled? I think that both the drivers of arduino and those of FTDI are the same, as arduino nano uses the usb FTDI chip. or there is a difference between the two drivers?

I’d assume that the Uno firmware emulates some type of USB<->serial standard and probably uses a generic driver from Microsoft. You can find the USB class/subclass/protocol in the Descriptors.c file and chase it from there if you’re really interested in that.

I wouldn’t expect the FTDI drivers to work with any other vendor’s chip.