change the serial rx tx pins to 2 and 3

The sparkfun protoshield has blusmirf headers on it that map its rx/tx pins to pins 3 and 4 on the arduino board. As far as I have found, the Serial object only transmits on pins 0 and 1. Is there any way to change that behavior? I’d like to be able to select the pins to transmit on.

(obviously this can be remedied by changing the wiring, but the board is already stamped, and it’d just be cleaner to change in software… also, when code is uploaded, it wouldn’t be hitting the pins of the bluesmirf which i’m currently jacking into 0 and 1.)

sparkfun’s version of the proto shield:

sparkfun’s bluesmirf:

Pins 2 and 3 are also hardwired as external interrupts and that cannot be moved to other pins. so if you use software serial on those pins, no external interrupts are possible.